Viz Reflectives Website Design
Viz Reflectives Website Design
Viz Reflectives Website Design

Viz Reflectives – Creative Website Design


Viz Reflectives commissioned Red Fred Creative to design and build a creative new website for their business. Viz Reflectives wanted to combine the information from two separate websites and reorganise the structure to accommodate the content in a more effective way. As always, we consider the product hierarchy and the customer journey.

Viz Reflectives produce materials for clothing and signage to ensure greater visibility in a range of challenging working environments including fire and rescue. Their products have multi-faceted technology and adhere to a various clothing and textile standards. These certifications could be used for selecting certain products and are often updated, so easy content management of the website was a key consideration.

Viz Reflectives are keen to promote their business as innovative, technically proficient with a great deal of experience in the industry. The website is an invaluable tool for showcasing the businesses strengths and abilities.

An interesting challenge we had to address revolved around showcasing the products in different lighting conditions. Videos and still photographs of the products and the finished garments would need to shown in light and dark environments to demonstrate how the technology works.

The Look & Feel

The existing identity was quite modern but used a variety of colours. We wanted to create a style that was in keeping with the ‘high visibility’ nature of the business and hence a dark theme was created with highlight of bright yellow. Helvetica was used throughout with a focus on large imagery. Video was helpful in its ability to show how the materials can be used in a variety of lighting conditions. Additionally, we also used ‘before and after’ sliders as an interactive alternative.

The Solution

The final website design included a strong focus on the companies products, use of technology and approach to working with their clients and partners. The website effectively replaced two websites and presents the business in a more modern and streamlined way.

The product hierarchy and calls to action are clear and the desired customer journey has been enhanced. The technology and applications are have been illustrated with photos, videos and ‘before and after’ sliders. The product suitability and technical certification have been clearly presented through the use of structured data.

The content can easily be managed by the in-house marketing team at Viz Reflectives and full training was provided.

The Result

The creative website design project has been extremely well received by the management team at Viz Reflecties. The product portfolio has been rationalised and the products and their suitability, features and benefits are clearly displayed for potential client to compare and choose. The client can easily add new products or certifications to existing products and well as adding news and event posts. Click here to view the Viz Reflectives website.