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Hollybank Wilderness Adventures – Brand Development and Website


Treetops Adventure expanded their experiential activities from zipline and ropes courses to include segue tours and mountain biking. The brand development brief was to develop a name, brand identity, website, signage and brochure that incorporates all the activities, identifies the destination and highlights the unique offering in the forest. The branding is to target activity driven people looking for a unique experience to explore, enjoy nature and have fun. Clearly identify the different activities whilst incorporating them as part of the overarching brand and retain a tie-in to the previous identity to maintain local familiarity.

The Look & Feel

Enticing, unique, breathtaking multi-level forest experience. The tone is friendly, professional and experienced presenting as fun, premium and environmental. The design incorporates the colour orange from previous branding.

The Solution

The new Hollybank Wilderness Adventures name sets the expectations from the start including the location, outdoors excitement and multiple activities. The brand icon was designed to incorporate trees and mountains with a hexagonal shape utilised as sub-brand icons for the individual activities. This identity was extended to uniforms, billboard, and corporate livery.

The website and brochure design utilises the fantastic images to highlight the fun, unique wilderness and excitement as well as safety. The friendly, fun and informative website has been written and designed to generate excitement. It clearly identifies and describes the different activities, the time and effort involved and promotes online bookings.

The Result