NibNabs® Baby Nose Tweezers

Local Entrepreneur and mum of two, Debbie Banks, got in touch with Red Fred for help with a solution to a problem that had bothered her (and her children) for a number of years. Bogies!

Debbie came up with a simple solution to solve the problem of removing dried mucus from her children’s noses. Tweezers. To quote Debbie “I tried every contraption and snot sucker going. Aspirators were great for runny mucus but for dry bogeys there was nothing available to help – and repurposing sharp, metal tweezers was dangerous, and my fingers are too big and again I didn’t want to cause unnecessary harm. The tweezers were close to what we needed but not right! I took inspiration and NibNabs® was born (my third baby!)”.

We helped create the branding, went through packaging options, and recently created the website design. Eagle eyed readers might notice the ‘NN’ monogram which we incorporated into the baby face in the logo.

Debbie explored many options, including partnering with more established companies, but decided to go independent. After a long road and a lot of hard work for Debbie, NibNabs® are now on the market.