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Band Hatton Button were looking for a way to promote their wide range of services. They approached Red Fred Creative to create a promotional video that would help clients understand that an involvement with a solicitor can be a long term a relationship.

The Look & Feel

We devised a narrative for the video that worked around the idea of events that might happen in a person’s life from beginning to end. This ties in with the services that a solicitor like Band Hatton Button might be involved with. Stock video footage was used along with graphics and a soundtrack to create the required emotional gravity.

The Solution

The promotional video was created for use in events, and online to promote the company and it’s services. It was designed to show that a solicitor can help with many aspects of daily life and that Band Hatton Button is a business that cares about it’s clients and will be there when their clients need them.

The client was very keen on the use of the soundtrack to create an emotional connection with the audience and the final video was considered to be a great success.