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Develop a brand for a new business in the outside school hours care industry. Targeting both the Principals and school committees as well as the Parents and kids.

The Look & Feel

Make it fun and colourful. Not too corporate, however professional enough to instil confidence.

The Solution

We have created a brand that has an innocent feel using playful colours and hand drawn font that suggests a fun element to the service that attracts kids and adults alike.

The lettering has been moved around to create a happy face for the icon much in the same way that you might rearrange letters on a fridge door. The implication is that the children will be allowed to grow and have fun.

The concept of using items that are at hand for the children such as highlighters and scraps of paper has been carried through to the website and other communication mediums.

View website here

The Result

Hits all the points in the brief. Great work, looks really good, Thanks guys.

Michael Abela – CEO TheirCare