Onga Pump Shop Website Design
Onga Pump Shop Website Design
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Onga Pump Shop Website Design
Onga Pump Shop Website Design



Pentair have been clients of Red Fred Creative for a number of years and we were extremely pleased to be able to work with them on a new mobile friendly website. The website requirements were extensive and included a ‘click & collect’ shop that would allow the customer to select the most convenient dealer to collect from. The website was also intended to support the Onga dealer network with national promotions for the Onga Pump Shop brand.

The Look & Feel

We wanted to create a design that made the most of the new corporate identity. We wanted to create a satisfying user experience for the customers looking for products, the Onga Pump Shop store managers and the central management at Pentair.  We believe we succeeded in creating an on-brand, desktop and mobile friendly website to showcase products and assist their dealer network in making sales and ordering merchandise.

The Solution

We were approached to solve some of their digital communication issues. The resulting mobile friendly website design is used as their dealer showcase and competition portal. It provides product and dealer information and features a ‘click and collect’ functionality.

The website contains a dealer portal that provides a unique login for Onga store owners and the ability for them to browse and order promotional assets and merchandise.

A testimonial from our client:

We love this website. The design is clean and simple. It represents the brand perfectly. The admin in the backend is intuitive and easy to use.

visit the website here: