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Rose Farm is a “real farm shop” based in Cheshire. We say “real farm shop” because it is a shop on a real working farm, rearing their own livestock.

These quality cattle and pigs are reared and processed to become many of the products Rose Farm Shop sells. Amongst these products are a range of frozen ready meals which Rose Farm prepare on-site, in their own kitchen, using their own livestock and local produce from the area.

Many small producers like Rose Farm have seen a resurgence of interest because people want to be more informed about where there food comes from. Up until now, they had been using printed labels, but wanted a more commercial looking product to stock their freezer cabinets.

The Look & Feel

A homely, rustic look reflecting the nature of the shop & home made meals.

The Solution

Red Fred began by looking at photography, it was important that the packaging represented their food well.

After our initial ideas and sketches, we worked with a photographer on two styling options. The first would be shot from above, on a wooden table, showing the potential purchaser a honest representation of the meal. The second option was a cleaner, brighter dining room setting, closer to what you would expect to find on supermarket shelf.

We decided to follow the route of the first option, we felt that this suited the brand and gave the “comfort food” feeling that we were looking for.

We created eleven sleeves, covering three different sizes, choosing to overlay much of the content over the photography. We wanted to retain the homely feel, whilst ensuring that the front of the packaging had good shelf presence. Once complete, we worked with a packaging printing specialist to ensure that we had an end product with a very professional finish.

The Client

“The feedback from our customers has been extremely positive and we’re planning on expanding the range later in the year”

John Johnson – Rose Farm Shop