Brochure Design Cheshire
Brochure Design Cheshire
Brochure Design Cheshire
Brochure Design Cheshire



Elliott is the UK’s leader in relocatable accommodation including portable cabins, modular buildings, permanent buildings, secure storage, portable toilets and temporary fencing from locations throughout the UK.

We were approached to create a brochure to promote their “Progress” range of modular buildings. Progress is a unique system which can be completely configured by the client, but can be added to to create more space when required.

The Look & Feel

State of the Art buildings, simply explained using images an minimal text.

The Solution

We worked with Poole Marketing to create a brochure which easily got across the premiss of Progress. We created a series of images, using photography paired with custom illustrations to demonstrate the flexibility of the system. As the reader read through the brochure each building had a section added to it. This concept came from the concept of progression: as a business grew, so would the premises, allowing the end user to retain their location, whilst expanding their facilities.

The Client

I think it’s great!!

Richard Poole – Poole Marketing