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    V-Prep Training Website Design Red Fred Creative

V-Prep Online Flight Crew Training Website Design

V-Prep were introduced to us through a long time collaborator, Interlock Digital. V-Prep provide a unique online training system for pilots wanting to develop their knowledge and skills on the A320 and B737-NG aircraft. We were tasked with producing the design whilst Interlock Digital would be responsible for turning the online training website design in a digital reality.

The training proposition is technologically sophisticated and they wanted a website that would appeal to pilots and flight crew whilst presenting the two specific aircraft types that V-Prep have developed their online visual training materials around.

Red Fred were tasked with designing a website for the innovative and engaging approach to flight training and we selected a colour palette of dark blue and gold that is ofter found on the uniforms of flight crew. In addition the burger menu icon within this design is made up of 4 bars rather than 3 which is based on the 4 ranking stripes that I would a pilot would normally wear. The typography was also inspired by the fonts that are used on flight desk instrumentation. We also made a slight adjustment to the logo to flatten it and make it a little more modern.

V-Prep were extremely happy with the final website design.