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South Cheshire Chamber Brand Design


The brand design project was critical for the success of the South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce as it has to compete with brands and organisations within close proximity that may also appear to have similar objectives.

South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce sits at the centre of the business community in and around South Cheshire.  It aims to support and represent businesses by building relationships regionally and nationally as part of the British Chambers of Commerce.

The key to the success of the branding exercise will be to create a distinctive brand identity with instant appeal. The branding must convince the prospective member or patron that South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce is an active and worthy organisation with values that they can identify with.

The Look & Feel

The three pillars that underpin the work of South Cheshire Chamber are: Representation, Information and Facilitation. There three pillars formed the three points of the triangle device which is turned into an upward arrow. The colours are bright and deliberately chosen to promote a feeling of digitally aware dynamic organisation.

The Solution

Versatility and practicality are further considerations. The identity should work across a variety of mediums and applications.

Outcomes were to the new logo in primary and secondary colour-ways, design for business stationery, a simple to understand style guide including the brand values, story and tone of voice.

A number of additional items were also designed including a style for the magazine, banner stands, PowerPoint presentation templates, badges and certificates.

The Result

A number of concepts were investigated and discussed by the board.  The management team at South Cheshire Chamber of Commerce have gone through a bold and important process to update their identity and show their prospective and existing members that they are relevant and forward-thinking organisation that is dedicated to building a better business environment and that can truly help their members to achieve their objectives. Since the branding design project was completed RED FRED Creative we also commissioned to undertake additional work on the South Cheshire Chamber’s website.