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Hall Smith Whittingham, a Cheshire based progressive law firm were looking to update their website, which was almost ten years old. Responsive website design has moved on quite a bit, as has the way people view websites. Smart Phones and Tablets are now reported to have surpassed desktops and laptop computers as the the primary way users browse the internet, so it was important to the client that the new website design had a responsive layout to suit these different browsing methods.

The way we connect to each other has also changed, so it was also a priority for Hall Smith Whittingham to feature their social media feeds prominently. The web site design also needed to be built around a content management system to enable the client to easily edit content and add news stories and other content.

The Look & Feel

Bright, clean, modern and corporate. The web design was required to be beautifully simple and easy to use.

The Solution

On analysis of the previous website design we found that it was a boxed layout and featured a lot of blue. We chose to visualise a web site which featured lots of white, was full width but was broken up with high quality imagery and off-white tones. Several web page visualisations were created to give the client a good idea of the look and feel we were going for. Once approved by the Marketing team we were tasked with the development of the approved web design. In total the website contains thirty-four pages and functionality to help users find relevant information easily and has improved on the previous website’s search engine rankings. As a result the inquiries gained from the new website have doubled.

The Client

We are SO happy with the redesign of our website!!! Have a look at the link below  Massive thanks to Red Fred Creative

Steven Coles – Hall Smith Whittingham