Logo Design – Nantwich Arts Day

Following our work with the Nantwich Words and Music Festival, we were asked to create a logo design for a new offshoot event – Nantwich Arts Day.

We’re proud Nantwich people, and what we do would correctly suggest that we’re all advocates of the The Arts, so we were happy to lend our talents to this worthy cause.

Wanting to tie it together in some way with The Words and Music Festival, we chose to use the monochrome patterns used in the Words and Music logo.

Art and The Arts suggest colour and variety, so this led us to create a bright, engaging colour palette. Several versions of the logo were created for various uses, which can be seen to the right.

29th of June promises to be a great day, with workshops focused around Drama, Songwriting, Dance, Illustration and Music. All culminating in an evening concert at Nantwich Civic Hall. Email For More Information on Nantwich Arts Day. or get in touch to see how we can help with your logo design.