Downton Abbey Packaging

Downton/Downtown? A terrible pun, but we hope you’ll forgive us!

Earlier in the year Mrs Darlington’s asked us to design labels and a gift pack for a range of products that they produce for a Downton Abbey range of gifts for sale in America.

The products are part of a vast range, consisting of homeware, kitchenware and foodstuffs. It’s very important that when everything goes on sale it looks like a cohesive range of products. To ensure this, we were supplied with strict brand guidelines to which we were asked to design to.

Using a range of colours, brand logos, typefaces, we created 6 labels and a gift pack.

Creating food packaging for export markets can be a mine-field, each country has different requirements on how nutritional information, allergens and weight are displayed on the packaging, so we had to swat up on FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) guidelines.

Everyone involved was “jolly pleased” with the outcome, and we were approached by another UK exporter to create packaging for their Downton Abbey branded biscuits, which were also part of the collection.